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再生住宅・緑のレイヤーで包む住まい / House with Gaia layers


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ARCASIA建築賞の授賞式があり、参加する。住宅部門で丈六の家“House with Gaia layers”が二席で受賞する。自然との調和とその環境の親和性、地域独自の活性化と持続可能性、文化・歴史性をもった空間の質が評価されたと総評で述べられた。受賞会場は学生時代に利用した空港の跡地を再開発した巨大な船のような連邦クルーズターミナルで行われた。

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This house was renovated in 2002, when it was already 20 years old. A flexible traditional structural frame has been wrapped around an existing rigid timber structural which is further surrounded by a green layer offering various devices for environmental control. The house and greens well cared for, it has aged very well.

Arcasia, “Architects’ Council of Asia” is held every year at one of the roughly 20 Asian member countries. Arcasia Awards for Architecture (AAA) aims to encourage and sustain the Asian spirit.



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House with Gaia Layers



 Zaha Hadid 設計のデザイン大学