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読書を楽しむ住まい / Living with books


In this comparatively dry temperate region of north Shikoku, a central courtyard with fountains is surrounded by various kinds of spaces for life, and shelves of books. This house offers a congenial environment to enjoy reading, as time passes quietly by.




木材は全て天然乾燥杉にする。調湿性だけではなく香りやツヤがとても良く、身体の免疫力も高める。自然素材の白い塗り壁も呼吸し、調湿機能が働く。 外壁は焼き杉板を使う。


The naturally dried Japanese cedar, with warm color and luster, like the white plastered walls, not only absorbs or gives out moisture depending on the wet or dry climate, it also improves the natural resistance of the body.






The high floor circulates air in and out of the court, bringing in cool air through floor ventilators, opened in summer. In winter, the well-insulated spaces are comfortably warm.






With the passing of time, different kinds of natural light flow into the traditionally joined hand built structure. The natural materials age tastefully, creating a place to come back to for rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit.